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An Autumn Walk in Portland’s Brooklyn Neighborhood








A quick color test…

“Some people never go crazy…”

“…What truly horrible lives they must live” – Charles Bukowski

The second subject in our series of portraits is Charles Bukowski. Like Pee Wee, the man needs little to no introduction. Giant of American Lit, womanizer, drunk, fighter; Bukowski lived more of a life than most of us ever will. We both had a lot of fun with this portrait. I wanted the texture to be more prominent than the color. The writer lived in a cloud of cigarette smoke, soaked in wine and sex, and I wanted to show it. With each of these collaboration we get a little tighter in our workflow. The future looks bright for Eagle & Wolf.

Meet me in the tall grass…

I’ve developed a fascination with patterns of the non-repeating variety. Producing work like this is like meditation for me. Is it grass? Are they tentacles? Who knows. My goal was to create a sense of depth, chaos, texture and vibration. This is definitely a candidate for a limited edition screenprint.

Color collapse…

“When you make the finding yourself – even if you’re the last person on Earth to see the light – you’ll never forget it.”
– Carl Sagan

My apologies for the lapse in posting over the past week or so. My duties at work have kept my hands pretty well occupied. This blog however, allows me to keep my sanity through the crazy late night work sessions, looming deadlines, overlapping projects and the general craziness that comes with working at an agency. Bear with me.

This piece was a happy accident of sorts. I set out to experiment with Photoshop brushes and layer styles; in doing so I stumbled upon a few unexpected effects. I started out working in a controlled manner, then moved to a looser style, layering color on top of color on top of color. It’s all about the push and pull between order and chaos, light and dark. I’m having a lot of fun with this new way of working in Photoshop. Never underestimate the power of experimentation. Work through the tutorials if you’re trying to achieve a certain effect, but there’s quite a thrill in discovering something unexpected.

Soho Textures…

Lately I’ve been fascinated with texture and decay. I love witnessing the effects of long hard exposure to the elements. I always try to have my camera on hand to capture a bit of rust or worn masonry that may catch my eye. Last week I found myself in Soho, with camera in hand and an hour or two to spare. Within a few city blocks I found an entire universe of brilliant textures. There’s not much that can compare to the weathering effects of hundreds of Northeastern winters. Here are a few snapshots of what I found in Soho: